Consultation module

Half a year ago Andrea asked to review the old Dialogue module. I have found and reported several problems in it, unfortunately I did not like some design decisions and in the end decided to create a new module instead of fixing problems directly in Dialogue.

Consultation module is similar to Dialog but it is more targeted at teacher-student communication. Capability overrides allow it to work in student-student mode too.

Features and differences:

  • 1-1 communication contained in one course (forum is designed for more users)
  • included in course backup (messaging is not backed up)
  • optional limit of inquiries per student
  • notification block
  • recommended coding style (suitable example for new developers)
  • optionally teachers may review and interrupt communication of other users

The latest version may be downloaded from contrib CVS now or later as zip package. Please note it is compatible only with the latest 1.9.7 release or later.

Development of this module was funded by Italian Moodle partner MediaTouch 2000 Srl and Technical University of Liberec, Centre of Continuing Education.

2 thoughts on “Consultation module

  1. Sounds great, but the download link for the zip-package seems to be broken:

    “Sorry, but the file you are looking for was not found! (/packages19/”


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