Install/upgrade related work

Last week was relative productive for me, finally I managed to start refactoring of installation and upgrade subsystem. I have cleaned up the code a bit, added some new features and removed parts that are not going to be used any more.

The installation and upgrade is now executed on one page only, this was needed for cli installer and unit test framework. This means we do not need upgrade autopilot and it is also a bit faster now. Another very visible change is that by default sql queries are not displayed any more, this was a bit of an experiment at first it turned out that there were several hidden error messages among the tons of sql. If you still want this feature you can add $CFG->upgradeshowsql = true; to your config.php. Some time ago I have reworked the upgrade locking, the sites are now inaccessible during upgrade – this should be much more reliable than the session based locking before.

Today I have added logging of changes done in server configuration, not everything is logged yet – only settings converted to new admin tree stored in config and config_plugins table are tracked. SImple UI is located at Report / Config changes.

One thought on “Install/upgrade related work

  1. Just this week I was cursing the lack of server config changes being logged which had some serious implications. Thanks for the work!

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